Outhouse Games

This last weekend I attended Ignition at Acme Superstore. Ignition was a free event featuring, comics, videogames, and several local artists/vendors. While I was there I met Chris and Phil of Outhouse Games. The Outhouse team were showing off their games Stack’R, and Damsel in Distress.


Photo Coutesy of OutHouse Games

I got to play about five minutes of Damsel in Distress and enjoyed it quite a bit. Still a work in progress, the game is an interesting take on the infinite runner. The primary difference in Damsel in Distress is that player follows an exterior spiraling staircase of an endless tower. The spiraling of the course limits how far the player can see oncoming obstacles, as well as dodge projectiles from behind. The game gets difficult quite quick and I died numerous times while trying to talk and play at the same time. In the end, the Outhouse team were very cool people and I look forward to Damsel in Distress later this year on iOS and Android.


Stack’R is free and currently available on both iOS and Android.


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