GDK Mini Game Jam

Game Dev Knights are hosting a small game jam later this February.¬†They want to have a 12 hour jam that feels less intimidating than a full weekend jam. They’ll be helping people out with development, and have been posting up some tutorials for newbies. They have released the theme: “One Room.”

This event is only open UCF students and GDK members.

You can view the Facebook event here. Here’s their blurb from the Facebook event:

“We’re happy to announce the GameDev Knights Mini Game Jam! This 12 hour jam is perfect if you’ve been wanting to get into developing but were maybe a bit intimidated by a longer jam. Make sure to bring a computer with you that is capable of running a game engine like Unity or Unreal. And please install it before you get here to save time! Here’s the general schedule:

9:30am – Setup and Socialize
10am – Introduction
10:30am – Pitches, form teams, begin development
10pm – Tech Checks
10:30pm – End development, Present games

Since the jam is so short we decided to give you all time to think about your ideas before the jam. With that being said the theme for the jam is “One Room”. Good luck jammers!

This will definitely be a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see what you all create! See you there!”



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